Bulkley Valley Brain Injury Association


BVBIA Members

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Membership in our association is free.

What does a member do?

Members are required to found societies in BC and to ensure the continuation of a society’s work. BVBIAs bylaws define members as “any natural person, firm, association, society or corporation who (...) declares an interest (...) in supporting, directly or indirectly, the purposes of the society and its related activities” (BVBIA Bylaws, p. 1, Article 3.01).

*A society is an organized group of people associated together for any lawful purpose or purposes such as national, patriotic, religious, philanthropic, charitable, provident, scientific, fraternal, benevolent, artistic, educational, social, professional, agricultural, sporting or other useful purposes.

What are member responsibilities?

Members are responsible to uphold the constitution and bylaws of the society to which they belong.

What are member rights?

BVBIA members have the right to attend the annual general meeting held once a year to hear the annual report and to vote on the elections of directors to the board. 

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