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Traumatic brain injury / Concussion

Traumatic brain injury / Concussion photo

An external event (fall; crash) caused the injury.

Four mechanisms where TBI may occur

  • An object hits your head or your head hits the object.
  • Your brain accelerates/decelerates or rotates.
  • An object penetrates the brain.
  • Soundwaves from a nearby blast or explosion vibrate your brain in the skull.


  • Hitting the boards in hockey.
  • A senior slips and falls.
  • A child falls off playground equipment.
  • An adult falls off a ladder or roof.
  • Shaking a baby.
  • Motor vehicle accident.
  • Cycling accident.
  • Football, soccer tackle; other sport and rec collisions.
  • Assault and domestic abuse.
  • Industrial accident.
  • War.

Other information

Here are two summary pages on TBI: one from the HealthLink BC and the other from the Brainline website.

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