Bulkley Valley Brain Injury Association


Prevention and Education

We provide free educational presentations to the general public and social service agencies to learn about brain injury. 

Our prevention / education philosophy

Activity is a necessary part of a brain-fit life. 

We want people to be active.  But we also want people to make informed choices and how they engage and especially what they do during recovery. 

BVBIA can help with making informed choices either before or after your injury. Education is the best prevention.

What we see in the community

Injury recognition tends to happen in a clear way with obvious trauma (motor vehicle accident; huge bike crash with loss of consciousness). Yet sport and recreation concussions are frequently unrecognized, becuase symptoms may be more subtle and don't always appear right away. 

Early symptom recognition and a progressive recovery trajectory will facilitate healing.  

We want you to "Play hard, play smart, and love your brain".


Helmets may save your life. 


Assessing risk is important.

Non-use of bicycle helmets in Europe…and in BC

BC is not Holland! But we can work to make our roads more bike friendly. In the meantime, wear a helmet and ride safe.

Thanks to a few of our supporters